Integrity, Fairness, and Excellence


We were an Internal Audit Division of a large privately-owned conglomerate led by a large inter-island shipping company with support businesses in warehousing and cargo forwarding businesses that covered the whole Philippine Archipelago of more than 7,000 islands. The conglomerate included businesses in food processing and a fairly large agricultural-based businesses engaged in food production in Central and Western Cebu as well as a transportation business operating in the whole province.

We were spun off from that privately-owned conglomerate in 1996 and became what we are now.


Our organization is designed to meet the needs of our clients and the businesses that come to us for our professional services. Thus, the technical working groups are as follows:

  • Business Assurance or Public Accountancy – this is our main business. All the members of this Group are Certified Public Accountants with a combined experience of more than 50 years in business assurance or public accountancy.

  • Business Consulting – this is a Group that has registration and recognition by the Department of Trade and Industry. Its members have a wealth of experience in general management, financial management project management, organizational development, as well as executive search.

  • We entered into a strategic partnership with Lawyer-CPAs with extensive work experience in dealings with the SEC, the BIR as well as other governmental agencies that deal or supervise business activities and enterprises. This Firm and its Partners have acquired a wealth of experience and studies in commercial and corporate laws, SEC pronouncements as well as its rules and regulations, up-to-date tax laws and jurisprudence and appropriate rules and regulations with the tax authorities. This firm is the Law Firm of Fernandez and Aguja, a Firm of CPA-Lawyers whose office is in Cebu.

  • We have the Accounting Services Group which takes care clients’ needs in business registration requirements with Local Government Units, or the LGUs, accounting services needs of clients, tax compliance needs of our clients with the LGUs, Contract Human Resource Management including payroll as well as preparation of income and other tax returns such as the VAT and withholding taxes.

  • We have the Quality Assurance Group which takes care of the quality of the financial reporting of our clients with the SEC principally based on the pronouncements and circular memoranda from that Agency. The Group is also responsible for postings in the Website new pronouncements and business developments coming from the SEC, the BIR and the BSP as well as pronouncements and issuances from other government agencies affecting business in general.